High Voltage!

High Voltage!

The world of electric R/C aircraft

Comprehensive Questions & Answers
concerning Electric Flight

What is R/C Flight?

An introduction to the mystique and joys of flying remotely-piloted model airplanes

Why Electrics?

Advantages and disadvantages of electrically-motivated planes

What kinds of planes can I electrify?

A guide to electric planes and how to convert kits designed for glow power

Electric Kit Reviews!

A budding listing of electric and glow-converted kit reviews (from R/Cers, for R/Cers!)

Motor basics and specifications

The Big Question: Which motor does my plane need? Here's an introduction to the specs and knowledge you need to make an informed choice

NiCad basics, specs and maintainance

Specs on the types of batteries available, how to estimate flight times, and the care and maintainance of NiCads

What about radio issues?

Differences in on-board radio installations from glow models, reducing motor interference

Optimizing electrics

Why do some popular electric kits fly so poorly? Tricks, tips and techniques for building and flying exciting electric planes

Electric Flight on the Web

Need help or info on certain electric models, or even details on how to start? Here's Web links to mega-valuable resources!

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