Types of R/C planes

Types of R/C Planes

Electrics run the entire spectrum of R/C models. Any plane designed for glow power can be successfully modified for electric power. Because of their shorter full-power run-times, electrics are more effective in planes with low drag and/or high lift. High drag, low lift planes will be less suitable, but the only serious penalty is short flight times.

Here's some tips on converting a gas kit to electric power .
Below is a sampling of the kinds of electric model planes one often encounters.

Powered Sailplanes

image: hand launching an electric sailplane


image: a typical electric trainer

Sport and Aerobatic Planes

image: a sleek sport plane image: a landing seaplane

Pylon Racers

Scale Models

image: electrics open up the world of
multiengine designs

Ducted Fan Models

Text and picture(s) contributed by Martin Lagerstedt, etxmlag@kk.ericsson.se


Image courtesy of Martin Lagerstedt, etxmlag@kk.ericsson.se

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