What is R/C Flight?

What is R/C Flight?

Radio-Controlled (R/C for short) flight is the science and art of building and flying (and periodically even crashing) remotely-piloted model aircraft.

Such aircraft are usually built out of balsa, light-plywood, fiberglass, and/or composite materials. They have wingspans ranging from 2 to 10+ feet and weigh anywhere from 1 lb (1/2 kg) to over 50 lbs (20 kg).

An R/C plane is controlled by a somewhat large hand-held radio transmitter, the receiver lies in the airplane and the control surfaces are operated remotely by small servo motors mounted in the airframe itself.

R/C planes cover the broad spectrum of actual aircraft -- there are Cessna look-alike training planes, biplanes, aerobatic sportsters, sailplanes, pylon and speed racers, even scale vintage WWI and WWII warbirds.

Most powered R/C planes are propelled by nitro- or gasoline-based engines, but an increasing number of planes are sporting quiet and efficient electric motors for propulsion. Hence this page...

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