IBM ThinkPad 390E
Installing and Running Linux
on an IBM ThinkPad 390(E)

Model 2626-E0U

by Craig Kulesa

About the ThinkPad 390E
Basic Linux Installation
Advanced Power Management
PCMCIA Support
Sound and Multimedia Support
Universal Serial Bus (USB) Device Support
IrDA Support
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This page regards the impressive IBM Thinkpad 390(E) laptop and the details of getting Linux running with all of the amenities and capabilities one should expect from a portable computer:
  • Accelerated video, high-color, full-aspect ratio display in X-Windows
  • Efficient power consumption (4 hours battery life) using APM or ACPI
  • Wide support of PCMCIA cards, both 16-bit and 32-bit Cardbus
  • Full-duplex sound support for playback and recording
  • Plug in your favorite USB devices!
  • Wireless communication with other peripherals
  • Blazingly fast operation from the world's coolest operating system!

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