Basic Electric Flight for Gas Pilots

Gas-to-Electric Conversion Guide

Face it.

There are a lot more kits designed for gas power than for electric power. Fine! But that needn't stop you from picking out that perfect plane and building it with electric power in mind!

Have you seen our Electric kit (and glow-conversion) Reviews page?

Picking out a good plane for conversion

Nearly any gas plane can be converted to electric power effectively. But some designs are better than others. Here's an idea of what to look for.

What motor? What prop? Which batteries?

Suppose you want to convert a .40 sized Cub to electrics. You've picked the plane. What now? How does one convert this .40 cubic inch displacement engine into the world of nicads and windings? I've compiled a list of motors, their closest glow counterparts, and their specs here. Read up on the section on nicad batteries, and you'll be able to estimate your flying time too!

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