Comments for these tests:

System is an IBM ThinkPad 390E, mem=192 MB

Basic order of ops is:

- fill inode and dentry caches with slocate
  [prefill slab cache]

- load gmix and xmms, stream mp3 audio
  [streaming load]

- create 2560^2 image in gimp
  [creation of lots of anonymous pages]

- load staroffice 5.2
  [i/o cache strain, large working set demanded] 

- load emacs, gmc, suite of gnome apps, IRAF + default image, SAOIMAGE, 
  mozilla, gqview, xv, gv, xpdf, etc...  [start swapping moderately]

- rotate that gimp image 90 degrees
  [check aging of older pages by calling anon pages back into use]

- close all apps in roughly lifo order
    [test aging of pages, look at needed swapin]

Rationale for this test strategy: